Wu-Yung Hsu Centennial Exhibition

Spanning over 80 years, 114 of Hsu’s artworks will be showcased at the Centennial Exhibition,
celebrating the artist’s love for art and life.
In addition, 30 of the paintings will be presented in animations using AR (Augmented Reality) application.
Only at Tainan Art Museum.

   Born in Tainan, Wu-Yung Hsu (1920-2016) is one of the most important painters in the history of modern art in Taiwan. He graduated from the Taihoku Higher School(now the National Taiwan Normal University), and studied art under Shiotsuki Tōho. In 1941, he enrolled in Tokyo Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo) to study medicine; at the same time, he studied sketching under Higuchi Karoku, and during this period, his work was chosen to be shown at the Dokuritsu Fine Arts Society Exhibition. After the Second World War, he received a scholarship to study at the University of California. In addition to visiting museums in the United States to study the works of different artists, he also held his own exhibitions there. After returning to Taiwan, he practiced medicine in various places in Taiwan, yet he continued to paint, and had his work shown at the Provincial Exhibition and the Taiyang Exhibition for more than 20 years. He retired from the medical profession in 1987, after which he became a professional artist.

    It just so happens that the year 2020 coincides with Wu-Yung Hsu’s 100th birthday, and so the museum plans to hold an exhibition as an homage to the artist, featuring the aforementioned works as the core of the show. The exhibition will introduce the Tainan painter with multiple identities to the people of Taiwan and the world, and convey his artistic ideology.

    This exhibition hopes to add his early works to the existing research. The museum hopes convey a complete picture of the painter’s life by borrowing works from public and private collections that are comparable with the painter's works in their origin, and also works that offer a juxtaposition to that of Hsu’s so as to show his importance in Taiwan’s art history. Meanwhile this exhibition focuses on the unique look that Wu-Yung Hsu had created himself after mastering various styles. With his artist’s eye and heart, he created artwork that reflected his outlook on life and art after he explored the world and returned home. Meanwhile, the exhibition features original works and digital projects by AR. It is hoped that the effort to do so will help visitors to understand the beauty of the works.

(Source: Museum Exhibition Announcement)

Exhibition Photo

Exhibition Photo

Exhibition Photo


A Practitioner of Healing and Art: Wu-Yung Hsu Centennial Exhibition


July 3, 2020 ~ November 22, 2020


Tainan Art Museum (Building 1)

Gallery G & H

Address: No. 37 Nanmen Road, West Central District, Tainan City 70049

Phone: 06-2218881





2020年適逢許武勇百年冥誕,我們與臺南市美術館合作,舉辦這次的【仁者行藝・許武勇百歲紀念展】,並從這次展覽展出的114幅作品中,挑選出30幅作品,特別以AR (擴增實境)動畫技術的方式,將畫作中的內容以生動的方式呈現,除了賦予閱覽者更豐富多元的想像外,更讓畫作中的精神內涵得以跨越傳統技術展現在大家面前。誠摯邀請您在今年夏秋,踏入臺南市美術館,親自體驗。











2020年7月3日 ~ 2020年11月22日⁣⁣


臺南市美術館 (1 館)

展覽室 G + H